20 Best Midjourney alternatives free

 AI generator art is like having a computer that’s learned a lot about human-created art and can now come up with its original pieces. Imagine it as a virtual artist who takes inspiration from various artworks to create something entirely new. It uses algorithms and patterns it learned from tons of examples to make creative decisions and generate unique pieces in different forms, such as visual art, music, or literature. This kind of art is exciting because it often produces unexpected and innovative results, showcasing a blend of human and machine creativity.  To avoid any issues, creators must give proper credit and be mindful of the ethical considerations surrounding AI-generated content. Ultimately, AI generator art opens up new possibilities in the world of creativity, sparking discussions about the role of machines in shaping artistic expression. Next, we will read about the 20 Best Midjourney alternatives free.

Midjourney alternatives free


Bing Image Creator

The best midjourney alternatives is Bing Image Creator an AI-powered tool that allows you to generate images based on your own words.

Here’s how it works:

Describe the image you want to create: The more details you provide, the better the results will be. For example, instead of just typing “cat,” you could try “a fluffy orange tabby cat playing with a ball of yarn in a sunny living room.

Choose an art style: You can choose from a variety of art styles, such as photorealistic, painting, or sketching.

Click “Create”: Bing Image Creator will generate an image based on your description and art style.
You can also use Bing Image Creator to generate variations of an existing image. Just click on the “Variations” button and enter a new description or choose a different art style.

Platforms: Web
Check out Bing Image Creator


20 Best midjourney alternatives free



The best midjourney alternatives free is Craiyon, formerly known as DALL-E Mini, which is another exciting AI-powered tool best alternative to midjourney that lets you generate images based on your text prompts.

What it does:

  • Generates unique images from any word, phrase, or detailed description you provide.
  • Creates art in various styles, including paintings, sketches, and photorealistic images.
  • Offers a free version with ads and paid tiers with faster processing and no ads.

How it works:

  1. Enter your text prompt: The more specific and detailed you are, the better the results will be.
  2. Choose an art style: Select from various styles like surreal, pixel art, or classic painting.
  3. Click “Generate”: Craiyon will produce several different images based on your prompt and style.

Unique features:

  • Open-source model, allowing community contributions and further development.
  • Library of existing images to search and inspire your prompts.
  • The mobile app is available for Android devices.

Best midjourney alternative free

  • Both offer similar functionality of generating images from text prompts.
  • Craiyon focuses on a wider range of artistic styles, while midjourney leans towards photorealistic options.
  • midjourney is still in preview, while Craiyon has a longer track record and established community.

Overall, Craiyon is the best alternative to midjourney if you’re looking for a flexible and artistic AI image generator with strong community backing.

Platforms: Web
Check out:  


I hope this clarifies what Craiyon is and helps you decide which AI image generator is right for you!

20 Best midjourney alternatives free

Dream by WOMBO

The best midjourney alternatives is Dream by WOMBO, also known as WOMBO Dream – AI Art Generator, is an app and web-based tool specializing in creating unique artwork based on your text prompts. It utilizes artificial intelligence to understand your descriptions and translate them into visual interpretations.


Turn Text into Art: Simply type in your desired image content (e.g., “a majestic dragon soaring through a nebula”) and choose an art style (e.g., realistic, impressionist, pixel art). The app will generate an image within seconds.

Multiple Art Styles: Explore over 15 different art styles to see your creation come to life in various artistic forms.

Art Creator Feature: Fine-tune your artwork with additional tools like color adjustments, filters, and textures.

Sharing Options: Share your creations with friends on social media or save them for personal use.

Platforms: Web
Check out:  
Dream by WOMBO


20 Best midjourney alternatives free


 NightCafe Creator

The best midjourney alternatives is NightCafe Creator stands out as an exceptional AI art generator application, providing diverse methods for creating captivating artwork:

Text-to-image AI: Transform mere words into visually striking art by entering a text prompt. The generator utilizes its grasp of language and imagery to craft unique and beautiful pieces.

Neural style transfer: Elevate your photos to masterpieces by applying the styles of renowned artworks, such as Van Gogh, Monet, or Picasso. Choose from a broad array of styles to infuse creativity into your images.

Diffusion: Explore the newer method of AI art generation, where diffusion models progressively refine a random image to align with your specified text prompt.

NightCafe Creator encompasses various features, including:

Multiple image generation models: Opt for different models, each with strengths and weaknesses.

Nine conversion styles: Customize your artwork with a unique look by selecting from nine distinct conversion styles.

Save and share functionality: Store your creations in your profile and easily share them with others.

Community engagement: Best midjourney alternatives free is NightCafe Creator community to share, receive feedback, and learn from fellow artists.While the basic app is free, NightCafe Creator also offers paid plans with additional features like more credits for image generation and higher resolution downloads. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just exploring AI art, NightCafe Creator provides an accessible and feature-rich platform, complemented by a vibrant community.

Platforms: Web
Check out:  
NightCafe Creator



20 Best midjourney alternatives free



 DALL-E Mini

DALL-E Mini, also known as Craiyon, is another cool AI model similar to midjourney Creator that can bring your text prompts to life with awesome images. Let me break down what it can do:

What it does:

  • Takes any text prompt you give it, like “a cat drinking tea” or “a futuristic cityscape on Mars,” and turns it into images.
  • Gives you multiple versions of the image based on your prompt so you can pick the one you like the most.
  • Offers different artistic styles to let you customize how your image looks.


  • It’s free! You can make cool images without spending a dime.
  • Super easy to use – just type in your prompt, hit “Generate,” and see the magic happen.
  • Fast results – you get your images in seconds, making it easy to try out different ideas.
  • Offers a wide range of possibilities, from realistic to cartoonish styles.


  • The image quality is good, but it tends to be lower resolution compared to some paid models.
  • Like many AI models, it might show biases from the data it was trained on.
  • Not every prompt is a hit – especially complex ones that might not give you the results you’re hoping for.

Overall: DALL-E Mini is an awesome tool for anyone keen on exploring the creative side of AI art. It’s free, user-friendly, and can produce surprising and often funny results. However, if you need super high-res images or have specific needs, you might want to check out paid alternatives with more advanced features.

Extra notes:

  • DALL-E Mini is driven by the community and isn’t directly linked to OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 model.
  • While it’s fun, it’s good to be aware of its limitations and think about the ethics of AI art creation.

Platforms: Web
Check out:  



20 Best midjourney alternatives free


 Adobe Firefly

What it does:

  • Makes creative content based on what you describe: Whether it’s an image, video, 3D model, text document, or even a creative building block like a brush or texture, just tell Firefly what you want, and it uses its AI magic to generate it for you.
  • Hooks up with Adobe Creative Cloud apps: Some of Firefly’s features are getting mixed into popular Adobe apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe Express, adding more creative juice to these tools.
  • Safe for commercial use: Unlike some other AI generators, Adobe’s got your back by ensuring that stuff created with Firefly is good to go for commercial use, so no worries about copyright.


  • Pumps out various types of creative goodies, making them handy for different projects.
  • Plays nice with your existing Adobe tools, making your creative process smoother.
  • You can use what you create for commercial purposes, giving you the green light to make some money with your creations.


  • Still in the beta stage, so it’s a work in progress, and some features might still be in the oven.
  • Figuring out how to work AI magic for creative tasks takes a bit of time and practice.
  • Like any AI tool, there’s the usual concern about data privacy and potential biases.

Overall: Adobe Firefly has the potential to shake up how we get creative and help us turn ideas into reality in exciting new ways. While it’s still early days and things might evolve, it’s worth keeping an eye on what it could bring to the creative table. Exciting times ahead!

Platforms: Web
Check out:  
Adobe Firefly



20 Best midjourney alternatives free


The term “lexica” can refer to different things based on the context:

  1. Lexica as a website: Lexica.art is a website and AI art gallery that uses the Stable Diffusion model. It lets users explore AI-generated images by entering text prompts, create their own AI art with various styles, and browse a curated collection of AI art for inspiration.
  2. Lexica as a type of dictionary: A lexicon is a specialized dictionary focusing on the vocabulary of a particular language or field. For instance, a medical lexicon would contain definitions of medical terms.
  3. Lexica as a linguistic concept: In linguistics, a lexicon is the mental inventory of words and their meanings that a speaker of a language possesses.

Platforms: Web
Check out:



20 Best midjourney alternatives free

Leonardo AI

Leonardo.ai is a platform dedicated to generating AI art. It offers a range of features, allowing users to create images through text prompts, enhance them using existing images, and deeply edit them using the “Canvas Editor.” It’s particularly adept at producing fantasy-style artwork, focusing on characters and objects.

One of its strengths is providing users with significant control over the creative process. You can fine-tune prompts, adjust various elements in the images, and work towards achieving your specific artistic vision. The platform operates on a freemium model, offering a free tier with 150 daily credits for users to explore and experiment. However, for additional features and higher usage limits, there are paid subscription options available.

Platforms: Web
Check out:
Leonardo AI



20 Best midjourney alternatives free


Playground AI

  • It’s a free online tool for creating and editing AI-generated images.
  • You can use it to bring your imaginative ideas to life, generating artwork, social media content, presentations, posters, videos, logos, and more.

Key Features:

  • Text-to-image generation: Describe the image you want in a text prompt, and Playground AI will use advanced AI models to create it.
  • Image editing: Refine your generated images using Playground’s editing tools. Adjust styles, colors, compositions, and more.
  • Presets and filters: Explore creative possibilities with preset filters and artistic styles to achieve specific effects.
  • Community aspect: Share your creations, explore others’ work, and be inspired by the growing AI art community.
  • Commercial license: Even with the free plan, you can use your generated images for commercial purposes.


  • Free and accessible: Ideal for beginners and casual users with unlimited daily image generation.
  • User-friendly interface: Easy to navigate, making it beginner-friendly.
  • Editing capabilities: Offers more control over your creations compared to some competitors.
  • Community element: Encourages sharing and interaction within the AI art community.

Comparison to Leonardo.ai: While both platforms focus on AI art generation, they have some key differences:

  • Focus: Leonardo excels in character and object art, while Playground caters to a wider range of styles and subjects.
  • Control: Leonardo may offer more advanced tools for precise control, whereas Playground prioritizes ease of use.
  • Community: Playground features a stronger community aspect for sharing and engagement.

Platforms: Web
Check out: 
Playground AI

20 Best midjourney alternatives free


Blue Willow AI

What is Blue Willow AI?

  • It’s a free AI art generator, and you can access it through their Discord server: https://join.bluewillow.ai/.
  • Unlike some platforms with complicated interfaces, Blue Willow keeps things casual and interactive.
  • You can create various images, from logos and graphics to digital artwork and photorealistic scenes, by just typing in a text prompt.

Key Features:

  • It’s Discord-based, creating a community vibe for all interactions and image generation.
  • It’s free and super easy to use—no sign-ups or payments needed, making it perfect for beginners and casual creators.
  • They use multiple AI models, which can result in some unexpected and exciting creations.
  • It’s all about fun and experimentation, encouraging creative exploration with the tool.


  • Completely free, so you can go wild with unlimited creations.
  • It’s accessible and beginner-friendly, requiring minimal technical know-how.
  • A community-driven vibe, connecting you with other AI art enthusiasts.
  • It’s all about having fun and being surprised, offering a playful and experimental approach.

Things to consider:

  • You have less control compared to some paid platforms, with fewer fine-tuning and editing options.
  • Not ideal for professional or commercial use due to its free nature and Discord integration.
  • It relies on Discord, so you need to join and navigate their server.

Comparison to other platforms:

  • Compared to midjourney , both are free and user-friendly, but midjourney has more editing features and a website interface.
  • Against Leonardo.ai, where Leonardo provides more control and focuses on character art, Blue Willow is all about fun and community interaction.

So, if you’re looking for a free, fun, and community-oriented way to dabble in AI art creation, Blue Willow AI could be just the ticket! Let me know if you have more questions about Blue Willow AI or anything related to AI art!

Platforms: Web
Check out:
Blue Willow AI

20 Best midjourney alternatives free

Foto AI Image Generator

Enter a text prompt: Quickly describe the image you want using keywords, emotions, and details.

Choose an art style: Pick from preset styles like fantasy, cartoon, painting, or photography to give your image a specific vibe.

Generate images: Click the “Generate” button, and the AI will whip up several unique images based on your description and chosen style.

Refine your results: Download your favorite image or tweak it more using the built-in editing tools. Adjust lighting, colors, and composition, and add extra effects.

Key Features:

Completely free: You can make and download as many images as you want without spending a dime.

Easy to use: The interface is simple and user-friendly, so even if you’re a beginner, you’ll find your way around easily.

Variety of art styles: Choose from a bunch of styles to bring your creative ideas to life.

Editing tools: Fine-tune your images to get the perfect result.

No sign-up required: You can start creating without having to create an account.

Platforms: Web
Check out : 
Foto AI Image Generator


20 Best midjourney alternatives free


Clipdrop Stable Diffusion

Introducing Clipdrop Stable Diffusion Turbo, a cutting-edge text-to-image generator harnessing the formidable Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 model from Stability AI. Transform your ideas into unique visuals effortlessly by simply describing them in a text prompt.

Here’s what sets Clipdrop Stable Diffusion Turbo apart:

Real-time Generation: Departing from conventional models, Clipdrop employs Adversarial Diffusion Distillation (ADD) technology, enabling the creation of images in a single swift process. This not only ensures speed but also enhances user experience.

Advanced Capabilities: Built on the robust foundation of Stable Diffusion XL 1.0, Clipdrop stands out with its remarkable features:

Style Guidance: Tailor your image by specifying the desired artistic style, be it painting, pixel art, or photography.

Image Editing: Refine and fine-tune your generated image using a range of tools within the Clipdrop interface, putting creative control at your fingertips.

Multiple Generations: Explore diverse variations of your image with each prompt, offering a selection to choose from. This feature increases the likelihood of discovering the perfect visual representation of your concept.

In essence, Clipdrop Stable Diffusion Turbo combines the speed of real-time generation with the precision and creativity of the Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 model, empowering users to effortlessly bring their ideas to life through dynamic and customizable visuals.

Platforms: Web
Check out :
 Clipdrop Stable Diffusion


20 Best midjourney alternatives free



Hotpot.ai is a versatile platform that brings the power of artificial intelligence to graphic design, image editing, and text creation, catering to both professionals and non-professionals alike. The platform aims to simplify and accelerate these processes, ensuring accessibility for users of all levels of expertise.

Graphics and Design:

  • AI Image Generator: Craft unique images effortlessly by providing text descriptions. Refine results by specifying style, mood, and format.
  • AI Headshots: Generate polished and professional-looking portraits with diverse backgrounds and styles.
  • Easy-to-Edit Templates: Design social media posts, marketing materials, app icons, and more using customizable templates.
  • AI Photo Editing Tools: Streamline tasks such as background removal, object removal, and image enhancement.


  • AI Text Assistant: Get AI assistance in generating headlines, marketing copy, ad copy, and other short-form content.
  • Paragraph Rewriter: Transform existing text with different styles and tones.


  • User-Friendly Interface: Tailored for ease of use, making it accessible even for beginners.
  • Free and Paid Options: Enjoy some tools for free, while others may require a paid subscription.


  • Increased Efficiency: Automate repetitive tasks and generate ideas swiftly.
  • Cost-Effective: Offers a potentially more economical alternative compared to hiring professionals for certain tasks.
  • Accessibility: Democratizes graphic design and content creation, making it accessible to a broader audience.


  • Limited Control: Users may experience less control compared to traditional design software.
  • Quality: While constantly improving, results may not always be flawless and may require additional editing.
  • Ethical Considerations: Responsible use is crucial, considering potential biases in AI-generated content.

In summary, Hotpot.ai stands out as a valuable tool for those exploring AI-powered design and writing, particularly for simpler tasks or as a starting point for more intricate creative work. Understanding its strengths and limitations is key to leveraging its capabilities effectively.

Platforms: Web
Check out   



Discover the magic of Starryai, an AI art generator app that transforms your words into captivating artwork. No need for artistic skills – it’s as simple as entering a text prompt and letting Starryai’s AI bring your imagination to life. Here’s what makes it special:

Key Features:

  • Easy to Use: No artistic expertise is required. Just input a text prompt, and Starryai’s AI does the rest.
  • Multiple AI Engines: Choose from Altair and Orion, each with its unique strengths and artistic styles.
  • Customization: Fine-tune your creations by adjusting styles, moods, formats, and drawing inspiration from initial images.
  • Creative Freedom: Experiment with various prompts and settings to explore limitless possibilities.
  • Community: Share your artwork with the Starryai community, discover other artists’ creations, and learn from one another.

What You Can Create:

The potential is boundless! Whether it’s dreamy landscapes, expressive portraits, abstract masterpieces, or reimagining existing concepts, Starryai is your canvas.

Things to Consider:

  • Freemium Model: While a trial is available, some features may require a subscription.
  • Learning Curve: Achieving desired results might take practice, but a supportive community and resources are at your disposal.
  • Copyright and Ownership: Be sure to read the terms of service to understand ownership rights of the generated artwork.

In essence, Starryai offers a delightful and accessible way to unleash your creativity in the realm of AI-generated art. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just curious about trying something new, it’s an adventure well worth exploring!

Platforms: Web
Check out  

20 Best midjourney alternatives free

Diffusion Art


What is Diffusion?

Think of it like transforming a clear photo into something abstract by gradually adding static. Diffusion does the opposite. It starts with a noisy image and step by step, the AI “clears” it up based on your text description, forming a coherent image.

How Does it Work?

Start with Noise: The AI kicks off with a random, abstract, noisy image.

Diffusion Steps: Gradually, the AI refines the image by removing noise and adding details following your text prompt. It’s like polishing a rough diamond!

Refined Image: After a bunch of steps, voilà! The final image emerges, ideally matching your description.

Types of Diffusion Art:

Stable Diffusion: A popular open-source model known for its top-notch and diverse outputs.

Clipdrop Stable Diffusion Turbo: A quicker and more user-friendly version with extra features.

Jasper Art AI: A text-to-image tool based on Stable Diffusion, designed specifically for businesses and marketers.

Benefits of Diffusion Art:

Highly Creative: Even simple prompts can lead to unique and unexpected results.

Easy to Use: You don’t need to be an artist or tech whiz to get started.

Accessible: Plenty of options, both free and paid, to suit different needs.

Fast Generation: Some models, like Clipdrop, give you almost instant image creation.


Learning Curve: Figuring out prompts and perfecting results might take a bit of practice.

Imperfect Results: While getting better, images may need a touch-up now and then.

Ethical Considerations: It’s essential to use AI-generated content responsibly, keeping potential biases in mind.

In a nutshell, diffusion art opens up a fun and easy way to dive into AI-powered creativity. With its exciting possibilities and ongoing improvements, it’s something worth exploring for anyone intrigued by the creative side of technology!

Platforms: Web
Check out   
Diffusion Art


20 Best midjourney alternatives free


Canva AI art

“Canva AI art” is a cool feature that does two awesome things on the Canva platform:

1. Magic Design:

What it does: This smart tool turns your design ideas into reality. You can either upload an image or pick a style, and Magic Design whips up personalized templates in different formats.

How it works: Just describe what you want, and Magic Design uses AI to generate templates based on your words. Free and Pro users can use it, but Pro users get extra customization perks.

2. AI Image Generators:

What they do: These let you transform text prompts into unique images.

Your options: Canva’s Text-to-Image by Magic Media (powered by Stable Diffusion), DALL·E by OpenAI for photorealistic images, and Imagen by Google Cloud for matching images, artwork, or illustrations.

Access: You get some free uses, but Pro plans give you more.

3. Why Canva AI Art Rocks:

Easy Peasy: No need to be a design guru – the interface is super user-friendly.

Get Creative: Explore various concepts and styles in a snap.

Time Saver: Quickly get drafts and inspiration for your designs.

Free Stuff: Lots of features are up for grabs without paying.

4. What to Keep in Mind:

Learn the Ropes: Getting the hang of prompts and perfecting results might take a bit.

Not Always Perfect: The images might need a little touch-up now and then.

Some Limits: Compared to fancy design software, you might have fewer customization options.

In a nutshell, Canva AI art is a nifty tool for both designers and non-designers. It’s an easy way to play around with creative ideas and bring your thoughts to life. Just keep its quirks in mind and use it wisely!

Platforms: Web
Check out   
Canva AI art

20 Best midjourney alternatives free



Artbreeder, formerly known as Ganbreeder, is this cool art website that uses fancy AI models like StyleGAN and BigGAN to let you create and tweak images. Faces, landscapes, paintings – you name it, you can mess around with it on Artbreeder.

What’s the Deal with Artbreeder:

  • Let Your Imagination Loose: With text prompts and nifty tools, you can turn your creative ideas into visual wonders. Fancy a dreamy landscape, a character portrait, or playing with different art styles? Artbreeder is your playground.
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Artbreeder stands out because it’s all about teamwork. You can mix and match existing artwork, blending features to make brand-new creations. Remix and edit stuff made by other folks, and you’ve got this lively community of creators going on.
  • Cool Tools to Play With:
    • FaceBreeder: Craft realistic and diverse portraits with lots of details.
    • DreamWorld: Build your worlds and landscapes, mixing real and fantastical bits.
    • Painting: Dive into different artistic styles and techniques to whip up original paintings.
  • User-Friendly Vibes: Don’t let the heavy AI stuff scare you. Artbreeder is easy for everyone to use. The interface is friendly, and the tools are hands-on, making it a breeze to start creating and experimenting.
  • What’s the Catch:
    • Free Fun: You get some basic features for free, but if you want the fancy tools, you might need to toss in a subscription.

Cool Things People Make:

Artbreeder is like a creative wonderland powered by AI, from mind-blowing landscapes to unique character portraits. It’s not just for the pros – anyone with a sprinkle of curiosity about AI and art should give Artbreeder a spin!

Platforms: Web
Check out  


20 Best midjourney alternatives free


Designs.ai is like your creative sidekick, using smart AI tech to bring the design within reach for everyone. No fancy design skills? No problem! Here’s the lowdown:

What’s Designs.ai All About:

  • Easy Peasy: The platform is super user-friendly. There is no need to be a design pro – anyone can dive in and create cool stuff without breaking a sweat.
  • Loads of Tools: It’s like a design playground with various tools to suit your needs:
    • AI Writer: Craft catchy headlines, marketing copy, and website content with a little AI magic.
    • Imagemaker: Describe what you want, and AI whips up unique images for you.
    • Logomaker: Design your own logo and brand identity with a little AI assistance.
    • Videomaker: Create engaging videos using nifty text-to-video technology.
    • Designmaker: Quick, top-notch designs with smart templates.
  • Make It Yours: While AI does the heavy lifting, you can still put your personal touch on things – pick fonts, colors, layouts, and more.
  • Team Effort: Collaborate with your teammates, share your work-in-progress, and get feedback to make things even better.
  • Integration Magic: Save your brand assets and use them across different creations seamlessly.

Why Designs.ai Rocks:

  • Time and Money Saver: Kiss goodbye to repetitive tasks. Designs.ai automates things, saving you precious time and resources.
  • Unleash Creativity: Let the AI tools spark new ideas. You might end up creating designs you never thought possible.
  • No Design Skills? No Problem: Designs.ai is here for everyone, whether you’re a design whiz or just dipping your toes.
  • Wallet-Friendly: There’s a free plan, and several paid ones to fit your needs without breaking the bank.

Before You Dive In:

  • Learning Curve: While it’s easy, getting the hang of all the AI tools might take a bit.
  • Control Check: You might not have super-duper control like you would with traditional design software.
  • Quality Check: The AI results are impressive, but sometimes, a little touch-up might be needed.

All in all, Designs.ai is a powerhouse of a platform. If you’re after an affordable and easy way to whip up professional-looking designs without the design headache, Designs.ai is worth giving a spin!

Platforms: Web

Check out: Designs.ai


20 Best midjourney alternatives free


Picsart AI

“Picsart.ai” isn’t a specific product on its own but represents two cool features within the Picsart platform that dive into the world of AI-powered creativity:

Picsart AI Art Generator:

  • What it Does: You can transform your written ideas into unique images. Just type in your prompt, tweak settings like style and mood, and watch the AI create various versions for you to pick from.
  • How Cool is It: Powered by fancy AI tech, it lets you explore a bunch of artistic styles. You can use it for free with some limits, and if you want more options, there’s a paid subscription.

 Picsart AI Photo Editor:

  • What’s in the Toolbox: This suite of tools uses AI to jazz up your photos. It does stuff like removing backgrounds, fixing imperfections, recognizing faces, creating avatars, and throwing in creative filters.
  • Where to Find it: It’s part of the Picsart app and comes with a paid subscription.

So, “Picsart.ai” isn’t a standalone thing – it’s a way to talk about these smart AI features Picsart brings to the table.

Other Things to Know:

  • Free Stuff vs. Paid Stuff: You get some basics for free, but if you’re diving into the advanced features, a subscription is the way to go.
  • Easy Peasy: The platform is designed to be user-friendly. Even if you’re new to this, Picsart wants to make sure you can jump right in.
  • Get Creative: With these tools, you can try out all sorts of styles and ideas. It’s like a playground for your imagination.
  • Quality Check: The results can be pretty impressive, but sometimes, you might want to tweak things a bit.

So, that’s “Picsart.ai” – a fancy term for the AI-powered magic Picsart brings to the table for turning ideas into images and jazzing up your photos in style!

Platforms: Web 

Check out  Picsart AI

20 Best midjourney alternatives free

Gencraft AI

Alright, so “Gencraft” can mean two different things – let’s break it down:

1. Gencraft AI Art Generator (Mobile App):

  • What’s the Deal: This is a cool mobile app for both iOS and Android. It lets you whip up unique images and videos based on what you type. Fancy, right?
  • How to Use: Just type in some words, pick an artistic style, and boom! The app throws out a bunch of images for you.
  • Styles Galore: They’ve got all kinds of creative styles – paintings, pixel art, photography, you name it.
  • Bring Words to Life: Feeling extra creative? You can even create short videos with animated goodness.
  • Your Space to Shine: Share your creations, check out what others are up to, and get some feedback from the Gencraft community.

2. Gencraft Studio (Website):

  • Advanced Mode: This one’s a bit more sophisticated. It’s a website catering to the pros and businesses who want more control.
  • Fancy Tools: You get to tweak all sorts of details – lighting, depth of field, and artistic stuff to your heart’s content.
  • Brand It Up: If you’re a brand-savvy person, you can train the AI to match your brand style and voice. Consistency is key!
  • Get Hands-On: Dive in and edit the images using the built-in tools. It’s like having your own creative playground.
  • Business-Friendly: Need visuals for commercial use? Depending on your subscription plan, you might be good to go.

What to Keep in Mind:

  • Subscription Alert: For the full shebang, you’ll need a subscription for both Gencraft AI Art Generator and Gencraft Studio.
  • Almost Perfect: The AI outputs can be pretty darn good, but sometimes, a little touch-up might be needed.
  • Play It Smart: Remember, AI has its quirks, so use it wisely and be aware of potential biases in the content it generates.

So, whether you’re casually exploring your creative side or you’re on the business end looking for unique visuals, Gencraft’s got something in store for you. Just keep these points in mind, and you’re all set to dive into the world of AI-generated art!

Platforms: Web

Check out  Gencraft AI

    20 Best midjourney alternatives free

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